The latest update on T3h Pepper Experience is now uploaded!

As promised, the first of the new content is now available. You can easily reach this update on my peppers by clicking here. You can also check out the pictures taken all through out the process by clicking here. I hope you enjoy!


So I might have lost my login info…

Hello old followers, if you anyone is still following this blog, and welcome new followers! As time goes on it has become increasingly obvious that I’m terrible about keeping track of my account log in information. I don’t want to post this long “to-do” about how I got locked out of my blog but I assure you, yes you, that it shouldn’t happen again. For the last year I’ve tried many of times trying to regain access to this account and last night I finally had success. That should be proof of the “never give up” theory. Anyway, check back soon I have some new content I will be uploading!


My new social media obsession, as if I didn’t have enough time wasted online…

Hello, how is everyone today? Last night I spent quite a bit of time on Google looking up how I could drive more traffic to my blog. I found myself on Pinterest. First, please allow me to link this post to T3h Greenhouse Pinterest page: – now, I’m not really a super big social media user. However, I immediately fell in love with Pinterest. I found a few handful of great ideas for future projects, better ways of doing this or that, and genuinely funny content within the first 3 hours Pinterest stole from my life. Please stand by, I will be updating a lot of content today on the blog. Are you guys excited? I am.



The first Mango update has arrived!

Hi everyone! I made my way to Pop’s house earlier this morning and managed to snag a picture or two of his Mango operation.

As you can see our Mangos are essentially at the same point in growth. I also received an eye witness testimony that Pops actually did grow those 3 Mango trees that he claimed previously. On a much more depressing note, one of them passed. According to my Uncle, the tree was doing exceptional then out of no where it got some kind of fungus where the leaves turned a faded color and eventually it died. In the memory and honor of Pop’s third Mango tree, we try to grow another. Stay tuned to The Mango Seed Experiment for more updates!

The 1st Pepper update is now available!

Well ladies and gentlemen, as promised, may I present to you the first pepper update. As the end of day 15 draws near I wanted to pass on a quick update on T3h Pepper Experience. Today our fourth and final Scorpion pepper broke the fragile surface of the soil thus giving us a confirmed 100% germination rate. 4/4 Scorpion pepper seeds germinated and sprouted within 15 days! The Carolina Reapers aren’t fairing as well as the Scorpions though.

On day 13 the very first Carolina Reaper graced us with it’s presence. 1/4 Carolina Reapers have joined us on this beautiful planet, leaving us with a small margin of 25% germination as of day 15. Remember though, these peppers can take as long as 30 days to germinate. This fact leaves me with high hopes that the other Reapers may yet still join us.

I took two new pictures and posted them at the top of this article. Both pictures are labeled but just for a quick reference, the Carolina Reapers are on the right and Scorpion on the left. I am very excited to watch these peppers grow and honestly, I check them several times a day. I will continue to post updates as they become available! As always, feel free to comment, message, or email regarding anything of interest. Thanks for you continued support!


Lots of new content

Hi everyone, I’ve spent pretty much the entire day for today and yesterday rewriting content, creating new content, and really turning this blog into something that’s interesting and easy to navigate. The first thing you’ll notice is there are more tabs now. These tabs offer direct access to specific content. The tabs are easily labeled based on what content they provide. If you hover over a tab it’ll either produce a drop down menu or it won’t. If it doesn’t have a drop down you can simply click it and get the information needed. If it does have a drop down there will be a list of more specific tabs, which again you can click or hover. If you hover there will be an additional drop down if there are updates, if there aren’t updates then there will be no drop down menu and you can simply click and go.

In the past I had a segment where I did fun facts and plants of the week. The fun facts are still there but are not as often posted. These will continue to show up from time to time and will more than likely be in the same format. As far as the plant of the week goes, it takes far too much time to come up with something interesting and to do enough research on that topic that I actually have valid information to bring to the table. That being said, I’ve dropped that from the blog.

In it’s place, though, I’ve created a few different topics of interest going on simultaneously so that if you find interest in one of these topics you can easily follow the progress made by referencing the home screen of this blog or by clicking the links directly to the topic. I recommend you explore the new redesigned blog to find topics that interest you.

As always! I am interested on your feedback. I would love to do more experiments or projects based on what you, the readers, find interesting. Drop me a line, a comment, a email, or anything. Let me know what you think! Please, keep derogatory remarks out of it, after all this is suppose to be something fun.

Thanks for your interest!


Another Scott review, this one is for you smartphone people.

Please allow me to introduce your new favorite app for you smartphone users. The app I speak of is called “FlowerChecker”. Now just for proper references here, this app’s website is I have not personally snooped around on their website to find out what all is accessible but I have used their app on two different plants.

This is a very awesome app and a powerful tool to have at your disposal if you are a plant fanatic such as myself. The concept is very easy, you take a picture of whatever the plant is you want to know about, you then send that picture to this app. At which point the master minds behind this app will respond within a 24 hour window answering whatever question you asked about said plant. Too good to be true? Yes and no. There is a catch. The catch is for every time you submit a question the app will ask you to pay $1.00 US. If they answer the question they take your dollar and you’ll never see it again. If they can’t answer your question they refund that dollar and you two can later part ways at the dollar store. That’s a steep price, however, I had one of my questions answered within 10 minutes. It was actually much faster I just don’t remember how long exactly so I don’t want to give them unrealistic expectations to live up to.

The master minds behind this app claim to be a group of botanist, I have not met them in person and did not take part in the creation of this app. Therefore, I have no idea as to if they are botanist or not. I do, however, know from experience with this app that they are 2/2 and currently standing at 100% accuracy as far as my experiences go and honestly that’s good enough for me. They’re pretty friendly too, some more so then others, depending on which “botanist” answers your question.

I mean how awesome is that? you want to know something about this plant? What kind of plant is it? How do I propagate it? What kind of sun and water requirements does this plant have? All of those are samples of questions that this app is more than happy to answer for you. For the low price of $1.00, you can finally know what that plant is you run by every morning during your daily jog.

So a quick run down of this app to sum it all up. The app is called “Flowerchecker”. The master minds are Botanist. You pay a dollar to ask whatever question you can come up with. You take a picture and attach it to said question. Within 24 hours that question will either be answered or not. Upon answering, they will take your dollar for all of eternity. If they cannot answer the question they release your dollar from the tight grip of their pockets. If and when they answer your question there is a cool little instant messenger feature where you can talk to whatever botanist and they can go over the specifics of your question. Oh, I forgot to mention, your first question is free. They want the opportunity to prove to you, the customer, that they know their stuff. So kudos to them for that. That confidence in itself sets them apart from most other business I know of.

I rank Flowerchecker with a 5/5 for a excellent experience, accurate information, friendly customer service, timely responses, and just overall for being such a awesome app. I strongly recommend it to all of you plant fanatics.

Peppers Update

Butch T Scorpion Day 13 Carolina Reaper Day 13

Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are, we’ve arrived at day 13. I know its very difficult to see the progress in these photos, however, if you squint and look really hard you’ll see we have 3 sprouts thus far. The picture on the left, which is so cleverly labeled, is my Scorpion Peppers. Obviously, the picture on the right is my Carolina Reapers. Now just a quick refresher, I planted 4 seeds of both the Scorpion and Carolina Reaper. 13 days into this process and 2/4 Scorpions has sprouted and 1/4 Carolina Reapers have joined us in this lovely world.

Now for those of you who are new to growing these specific types of peppers, like myself, you’ll notice the germination time is about twice that of, lets say, a bell pepper. I actually was concerned that the seeds were dead and wouldn’t grow after day 8 came and faded without any progress. I resorted to my phone a friend life line and called and was pleasantly surprised to see that these types of peppers can take as long as 30 days before they germinate. The average germination time from what I read on Google is roughly 14-30 days.

I’m not sure if both of these peppers are considered to be “chilies” however I believe they are. Chilies take much longer to germinate then other types of peppers. That brings our scoreboard to Patience 1 – Not Patient 0. Once more, patience is a virtue. I’m not sure how any of you feel when you grow something from seed for the first time, but for me I have a very hard time waiting for nature to work her magic. I’m very impatient by nature. Alas, this “early” progress provides me with enough collateral to await mother natures natural selection of the 5 seemingly non germinated seeds.

Now with all of that being said, these peppers have a 90 day maturity cap. That leaves us with 77 days from today to picking a pepper and regretting my decision of trying to eat it. I’m very excited to see how these plants unfold and will continue to post updates!

Long time no post…

Due to unforeseen reasons I wasn’t able to continue posting and my experiments with hydroponics. However, for those of you who followed the GS1, rest assure, the hydroponic system worked excellent. Unfortunately I left it on a trip to North Carolina. I hope to retrieve the GS1 eventually. For the time being I’ve returned to soil in pot gardening. My most recent undertaking is unbelievably spicy peppers.

I was talking to my cousin in northern Florida about this hot sauce that I had at a chicken restaurant here in southern Florida. I told her it was crazy hot but delicious. Her and her husband went to a pepper store in Panama City and purchased this hot sauce for me to try. When she told me it cost $30.00 I should have taken the hint it was the real deal. When I opened its grenade case and pulled this 3 oz bottle of expensive hot sauce out, I should’ve taken that as my second clue. I threw all caution to the wind and boy did I regret that.

I preformed a test. 13 drops with that chicken restaurant hot sauce was typical for any dinner. I figured 13 drops of this expensive hot sauce would allow for an accurate reading on which was more spicy. Now in my youth I’ve made several foolish mistakes, none of which compares, even remotely, to this one. I put the 13 drops on a glass plate and essentially smothered this boneless chicken wing in it. It looked like the chicken wing was covered in a highly oxygenated thick blood.

I man up and eat this chicken wing. I’ve enjoyed spicy foods for awhile, I am no novice to what hot is. However, that being said, I was not prepared for the flames of hell to engulf my body internally. The warning on the label for this hot sauce said, “in extreme cases may cause loss of consciousness.” That my friends, should’ve been the third and final clue. Three strikes, you’re out.

The pepper sauce had four peppers that made it up. The peppers were as follows: Habanero, Ghost, Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper. Now for anyone who isn’t up to date on where these four peppers rank in the world for heat, the habanero is currently ranked 10th, Ghost is 7th, Scorpion is 4th, and Carolina Reaper is 1st. That is some serious heat!

So, I’m eating this chicken wing and I immediately taste a little heat, I assumed it was the habanero. I manage to swallow it before the ghost pepper kicks in. The ghost was very hot but not overwhelming. Just as I begin to think this is hot but not unbearable, approximately 1 minute pass swallowing the chicken, I get hit so hard by so much heat that I’m literally sweating bullets. My eyes are leaking, my nose is far beyond running, and I begin to chug glass after glass of milk. This attempt did nothing but cool down my mouth long enough to allow the Carolina Reaper time to kick in.

By the time the Carolina Reaper graced me with its presence I began to worry I may actually die from far beyond unbearable heat that has now completely engulf my body. After several pain staking moments I began to worry I wouldn’t die. This sauce was so hot I didn’t even realize 15 minutes had passed. By the end of that 15 minutes the heat started dying down and life slowly returned to my crippled being. It took roughly 45 minutes for the heat to die down enough that I wasn’t bothered by the heat anymore. Thus, my obsession with hot peppers began!

After that pepper sauce abused me and left me for dead, I had to learn what in gods name would cause such massive amounts of heat and why was this legal! Ha, just kidding about the legality, although I can see how a lot of people will be hurt by these peppers. I began researching these peppers, like many of you I knew what the ghost and habanero peppers were but the scorpion and Carolina Reapers were both new names I’ve never heard of.

I ended up purchasing the Scorpion peppers from a Seed Company online named They are a family owned and operated company and also signed this Non-GMO packed, where they give their word to only sell non-gmo seeds. Which, believe it or not, is how I stumbled onto their website. They are located in Tampa, Florida so I figured why not buy from Florida and stimulate my states economy a little. They were great throughout the entire process from purchase to delivery. They answered many questions and were very prompt with returning my e-mails. Overall I’d give them a 4.5/5, and they lose .5 because there was a little confusion on if the seeds had been shipped or not but they were quick to respond.

To my understanding, the Carolina Reaper pepper was created by this gentlemen in South Carolina. I believe his name is Ed, “Smokin’ Ed” if you will. I bought these seeds from him directly off his website, . They are located in South Carolina, and are great! I had a wonderful experience ordering from them. They were spot on with the information needed and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. I give them a 5/5 and a strong recommendation to anyone interested in acquiring the Carolina Reaper.

Now that you’re all aware of my current pepper obsession I wish to leave you with one final bit of information. I planted 4 Scorpion pepper seeds. I also planted 4 Carolina Reapers. It has almost been 7 days and no sign of life yet. I looked it up earlier today and it takes roughly 14-30 days for germination to happen. I will keep all of you posted on my pepper journey!




Project Clone a Rose Update


We have the technology… we can rebuild it, make it stronger, grow faster, heathier, and more hardy… these words echoed in my head while I gazed upon Pop’s rose bush this morning. Thats when all the embarrassing failures with the root water mixture, the honey, and the potatoe came to mind. After that brief moment of weakness passed there was only one thought. The GS1!

With the creation of the GS1, and the outstanding results thus far, I figured what better way to put Operation GreenHouse to the test then to grow a seemingly ungrowable plant.

I soaked the pellet in distilled water as the cutting, covered in honey, went under the powdered rooting hormone. Then came the knife! A slight vibration of fear, only dogs could hear, rang out! I shaved off a little of the stem exposing the raw underbelly of the cutting. I quickly removed the pellet from the water and the cutting was gently tucked in.

This was as close as I ever want to come to being a surgeon. I then placed the tray with the cutting into the transformation chamber, the GS1.

Stay tuned ill keep you posted on the GS1 vs Rose Cutting. Round 1, commence!